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Free up disk space by finding duplicate files and similar images

Cisdem | 10 more apps |
updated on December 15, 2023
9.2mb | shareware


Simple to use
It finds duplicate files very fast
Has the ability to find similar images based on similarity threshold


Lacks the possibility to filter or mark duplicate files for deletion by various criteria
Could be impractical when dealing with large amounts of files
You will have to purchase the full version to unlock the file deletion limit
Cisdem Duplicate Finder
Price: $
Are you running out of disk space on your Mac? Do you have many duplicate files, or images that are very similar? Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a simple-to-use tool that can help you find and delete duplicate files and similar images in an instant. It can scan your Mac storage or other connected devices.

The interface is very intuitive. It allows you to select or drop multiple folders onto the marked area and scan them for duplicate files. The results are displayed in no time, as the scanning process works very quickly.

Results are displayed in tabs, each tab being for different types of files, such as documents, images, music, and more. A graphical representation of the results in the form of a pie chart is available as well, where you can see how much space certain types of files take, in comparison with the total size of all duplicate files.

There are three views in the tabbed results window, enabling you to see the preview of certain file types and to see the details for each file, such as when the file was created, its size, and similar. Here you also get to select which version of file you want to keep and which should be deleted.

The tabbed window includes a search tool and an option to sort results. To further customize the scanning process, there is also a possibility to choose a scanning method, removal method, similarity threshold for images, and minimum and maximum file size range that should be included in the scan.

In addition, you can exclude certain folders that you do not want to scan for duplicate files, and also file types by extension. Moreover, there are options to ignore bundles and system folders/files that are hidden.

In conclusion, the Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a useful tool but lacks one very important feature. It lacks the possibility to filter or mark the results for deletion by criteria, such as creation date, file size, and similar. This could in turn lead to difficulties when dealing with large amounts of files.
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Minimum requirements

• Intel processor
• macOS 10.10 or later
• 512 MB physical RAM (memory) or more

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